April 29, 2008, 10:47 pm
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Given the large gardens we’ll have this year, as seen in yesterday’s post, we decided to try to grow out as many seedlings as possible down in the city so that they’d be ready to transplant when we get upstate. What that meant in practice was buying three double-tube fluorescent fixtures, six bulbs, six trays and lids, potting mix, a 2″ soil blocker and tons of seeds.

Seed Pile

The essential equipment arrived while I was upstate visiting the farm at the end of March, so when we came back to town for one day before leaving for Mexico for two weeks, Matt and I went into a wild seeding frenzy and seeded celeriac, onions, epazote, leeks, brussels sprouts, kale, marigolds and night-blooming stock. Our roommate Alvaro promised to take good care of all our babies (both the seedlings and the cat, Basil Hayden) while we were gone. He even slept with them every night (still does– they’re taking up most of his little bedroom). Unfortunately, those first little guys are struggling now, having sat in their little boxes for a month with no real sunlight and not much airflow.

Problem Children

More Leetle Problems

Walla Walla & Clear Dawn Onions

When we got back, we seeded peppers, broccoli and cabbage.

Peppers & Broccoli

Cabbage & Tomatoes-to-Go

The little tomatoes-to-go pack is a mix we put together for Alvaro to take to his summer rental on Fire Island. Wouldn’t want him to starve this summer, either. That was from the third seeding, about a week later. We also seeded tomatoes for ourselves, lettuce and cucumbers.

Tomatoes & Cucumbers


The cucumbers started trying to takeover the world, so we performed triage and tried to separate them a little– from each other, but primarily from the poor little tomatoes they were trying to strangle.

Spreading Out the Cucumbers

The cukes have some major root business.

Holy Rootlings Batman

Now we just have to figure out how to get these suckers upstate in one piece so they can go into the Taj (the big unheated greenhouse at Kingbird) or the ground. Wish us luck!

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