Mission Accomplished, Mostly
May 5, 2008, 10:13 pm
Filed under: Strawbale House

After four days of work, much of it very finicky (e.g. little brush, small amount of white paint, tracing along the edge of the blue to hide all the splashes of the old periwinkle and yellow around the beams), we finished before dark today! The floor has two coats, and the beams look great. It was unfortunately just a little too dark (twilight), and we were too tired, for pictures when we left, but here are a couple Matt took this morning, with just the one coat down and the beams not quite as neat, but still pretty darn good:

First Coat Down

High Contrast

It’s pretty orange, right? Is it too much? Oh well, it’s done now, and I’m pretty sure I still like it, but it’s a sight brighter than the shard of terracotta pot I held up against it this afternoon to check the color. And it’s shiny. Not what I had in mind, but I already know from experience that it’s much easier to sweep clean than the flaky purple. Victory!

And doesn’t it look cheery, especially with Rosie’s garland not quite faded on the post?

So we’re really quite proud of ourselves. Today and yesterday were quite productive, our only big frustration being that when we tried to put up some of the old shelves before starting the second floor coat this evening, we could only figure out where two or three of them used to be. We’ll have to study the “before” pictures and see what we can deduce. Perhaps the universe is telling us we need to purge some of the shelving (but what of the truckload of stuff we’re bringing up on Wednesday will we need to purge in turn?

If anyone reading this knows anything about lime plaster and lime wash, we’d appreciate your help. We tried to patch some holes in the plaster on Saturday, with very little success. As a result, we left that for later.

We’re headed back to the city by Greyhound tomorrow afternoon, to pack the last odds and ends into their waiting boxes, then pick up the truck and load it Wednesday morning and drive it back up here. Will I have to sing to Basil Hayden the whole way? Only time will tell.

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