One Whole Day Here
May 8, 2008, 10:13 pm
Filed under: Strawbale House

Matt and I went to pick up the moving truck at 9am yesterday, got it home closer to 10am mostly because of U-Haul employee incompetence, loaded it up without a hitch, left around noon, hit traffic several times, and made it to the farm at about 6pm. It looked like rain, but we managed to get a farm-truckload of stuff, including our mattress and bedding, up to the house before it started to rain too hard. We got Basil Hayden settled in and took off in a borrowed farm car for town to get dinner and groceries and pick up my car from Matt & Lisa’s. It was a shockingly easy, uneventful day.

Today went smoothly, too. We got some things unpacked and settled, then unloaded the rest of the moving truck with my car rather than the farm truck (which bounces around over the ruts and rocks too much and would have broken all our plates, etc.). We got it into three loads, and the road was still mostly manageable. We unpacked some more and then took the truck back to the U-Haul place about ten miles from here, which was a beautiful drive. Spring here is breathtaking.

Basil is being a doll. She escaped once and went leaping through the garden, then out the gate and through the pasture, but she seemed to realize as soon as she got out there that she didn’t really know where she was going, so she pulled a quick 180 and headed back for the gate, where Matt caught her. Then I went looking for my flip-flops, which I’d run right out of when she headed for the pasture… Other than that, though, she seems to be settling right in, taking over the place, and being more affectionate than ever.

The piglets are getting noticeably bigger just about every day. Their foraging area was expanded while we were in the city, and they spend a lot of their time rooting around under the trees on the far side away from the road, being a little less photogenic because they’re not in range.

I haven’t managed to take any pictures since we got here, but I’ll try to tomorrow as we get more things settled into place. Matt has some good ideas for shelving and things, so hopefully there will be pictures of that before too long.

Back to the strawbale now (we’re at the farmhouse using their wireless) to spend our second night up in the loft, which is beginning to sound more and more comfortable.


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