May 15, 2008, 6:13 pm
Filed under: Farm, Strawbale House

I just realized that there aren’t nearly enough pig pictures on here yet.  To address that deficiency:


They’re growing noticeably and I think some of the bigger ones are double the size they were when we got here on the 2nd.

Today was my third day of work.  It’s going pretty well, I think.  I’m beginning to get a hang of their senses of humor…  I did a few chores by myself today and don’t think I messed anything up too badly.  Michael apparently complimented me on my tomato transplanting skills behind my back– thanks to Martin for my training in speed.

I’m sitting on a log right now, surrounded by falling crab apple petals and watching a few ducks waddle around in puddles down the road while Karma and Michael do their last work on the farm for the day.  Rosie’s silkies are running around crazily as usual, and the cats are fighting over who gets to sit on the log with me.  Two of the dogs– the youngest ones, Ruben and Felix– are playing next to me.  I took pictures, but I don’t have the cord on me, so you’ll have to wait until next time I post to see the puppies.  There are four dogs, something like 13 cats, several vagrant ducks, a small flock of silkies and a peacock here as pets, lest you think there are only working animals here…  Poor Basil is the only one that doesn’t get to roam the farm freely.

Alright, since I don’t have any more pictures for you now, I’ll get back to Matt and Basil and the strawbale and dinner preparations.  We’re loving that house, as long as there are no more snakes in it.

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I am totally charmed to read about farm life, Bekah! (I had to google “silkies,” however.)

Comment by Anne L

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