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May 21, 2008, 5:40 pm
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Life on the farm is going well. I’ve worked more than a week and am having fun. We’ve had a very social few days, from Rosie’s concert last Friday (our friend Lisa, a teacher at her school, was also singing) to Lisa & Matt’s surprise baby shower Saturday, farmer’s night potluck Sunday (we met Greg & Gina and their daughter Artemis, who lived in the strawbale until last May or so), dinner at our place for Michael, Karma & Nathan Monday night and a mini-launch wine tasting thing for Edible Finger Lakes last night. Tonight, Matt (Lisa’s Matt) is coming for dinner, so I don’t have long to write, but I promised pictures, so here they are.

Ruben & Felix

They were playing around me while I was posting last time. After I put the computer away, Ruben started a game of soccer with Rosie.

Rosie & Ruben

Rosie found a duck egg that was a little lacking in calcium…

Duck Egg

And threw it for Ruben.

Duck Egg Splat

Then I walked home through the woods.


This is my daily commute.


Of course, I had to say hi to the piggies.


There are yearling Highland cows there now, too. I’ll try to take pictures this evening.

Before long, I arrived home.

Home Sweet Home

Matt came out to meet me.

Garden Gnome

Oh wait, no, he’s just wearing Matt’s hat. With Rosie’s garland on it.

That was a nice story, wasn’t it, children? Next time, I’ll tell you about the cows and the horses and the chickens. What noise do chickens make? How cold is their poop when you have to clean out their nesting boxes barehanded?



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