Market, Weekend & Some Animal Cuteness
June 3, 2008, 6:24 pm
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I went to my third Ithaca Farmers Market on Saturday and realized that I hadn’t posted about it.  It’s a great market, of course, very convivial with a good base of regulars and a good blend of sane and insane folks.  We sell herb, tomato and pepper plants, eggs, pork and a bit of beef, plus whatever is in season that week– rhubarb, mushrooms, ramps, etc.  I’m beginning to make fewer stupid mistakes and learning more about the meat.  Saturday was a good market.

Kingbird Farm Booth

It was a good end to my work week.  Matt and I spent the weekend gardening and running errands.  We prepared a big bed outside of our garden fence for corn, beans, cucumbers, brassicas, potatoes, watermelon, peppers, basil and tomatoes, then seeded the corn, cabbage, tat soi, potatoes and watermelon and transplanted peppers yesterday.  I’m hoping to get the tomatoes, basil and more peppers in one of these evenings, maybe tomorrow, and then there’s a lot more work, mostly weeding and seeding, to do inside the garden fence.

In the midst of our gardening yesterday, we emerged from our little wilderness to run some errands and have lunch in town, and on our way out Matt reminded me to check out the bit of Andy Goldsworthy art that Rosie created in the rye patch that got mowed yesterday.

Rosie\'s Path

It stretched through the patch and had an entrance and exit.

Matt Coming Through the Rye

It was pretty friggin’ rad.  Yesterday, Nathan scythed it (both mowers are broken).

It was a beautiful sunny (hot) day, and the ponies were running through the orchard near where our car was parked.  I couldn’t resist the corny shot.

Orchard Horses

This is Mira– I had a picture of her from the NOFA draft animal workshop in another post– who’s teaching me to drive by playing amazing rotating pony whenever she realizes that I’m attempting to get her to do something.  Walks all over me, still.

Mira of the Trees

I met the woman who received her as a gift when she was 11 and her grandmother died.  She and her partner were here for Sunday dinner.  She trained her in dressage, taught her to pull a cart, and then eventually taught her to do farm work, then had to sell her, but at least the Gloses could take her and keep her close by where she can come over and ride her.

Also right by the car, there was a pen full of silkie chicks.  Also irresistable.

Silky Chicks

Such good mother/aunties they make, those silkies.  Karma told me today that they’re considered medicinal birds in China, that they have black skin and bones, and that it’s considered a necessity to be fed silkie soup after childbirth.  Perhaps it has something to do with their mothering.

Today, we planted about two dozen types of herbs in the field, from Korean mint to lemon bergamot to hyssop, and lots of basil and some cucumbers and peppers in the Taj, and we readied a house for the ducklings which were to arrive today but have been delayed until tomorrow morning.  The farm is beginning to get going.  I like the first day of my work weeks when I have energy and there are lots of exciting new things to learn.  Ask me on Friday and my answer might be a little different, but then there’s market on Saturday, and all is good again.

Thanks to those of you who emailed me this past week to let me know you’re reading.  It’s good to know that people are checking in and enjoying the occasional animal pictures.

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My Mira walks all over me, too. Is the grass woven together to form a sort of fence? The coolest.
I love reading your updates, Rebecca.

Comment by Nancy

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