Ithaca Festival
July 1, 2008, 5:44 pm
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I’m a little belated in posting about this, but Ithaca Festival was the weekend before last, and although we didn’t make it out to many of the concerts, the general atmosphere in town was fun, we saw a rainbow over the Commons, and the parade that kicked it off on Thursday night was a lot of fun. Matt said it was the best parade he’d ever seen (not for sheer impressiveness, but for general fun level, I think). I took some pictures.

Even a local farm had a float.

Berry Farm

An (very loud) annual Ithaca tradition:

He-Man Chainsaw Marching Band

Friday night, the local Montessori school where one friend teaches and another goes to school put on the play Annie!, which was surprisingly good, not just cute, although it certainly was that.


The recent rain has given the mushroom season some hope, so I’ve gone out foraging with Karma for two Fridays running. Friday before last, I was fascinated by the patterns of falling trees.

Falling Trees



Karma sometimes makes little cairns to mark where she’s been.

Mossy Cairn

Overall, a beautiful day for a walk in the woods.

Hollow Log

I’m excited that we’re going to have visitors this week. Can’t wait until you get here, Anne and Dan! They’ll make this Taco Thursday a stand-out. Will we have enough dishes? I’m not above eating off the table with my fingers… It’s tacos, after all. This week, they can be filled with pork again (that particular dietary restriction was removed when the last farm guests left yesterday morning). For Sunday’s potluck, we had to make the rice dish sans pork steaks and serve them on the side. Still good, but not quite as satisfying.

Yay for (happy, pasture-raised, fatty, delicious) pork!

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