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August 6, 2008, 5:24 pm
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Our friends Ellen and Ken came to visit us this weekend (yay!), and we explored the farmers’ market, cooked a couple meals, drove and walked around Ithaca and then headed up to Trumansburg hoping that the Rongo would be open. It wasn’t, nor was Hazelnut Kitchen, nor much of anything else in little downtown Trumansburg, so we walked into the Artisan Cafe, which was and I’d heard was quite good. Better yet, it seemed they had In Pursuit of Tea, which meant I could get some darned good white tea to up my energy level. They had pastries and sandwiches, but I figured everyone else could eat their good baking and I’d get a sandwich without the bread, so I asked them. The woman I spoke to, whom I believe was one of the owners and the sister of the chef, looked offended and informed me huffily that “our bread is what we’re known for, you know, but I’ll ask the chef if he’d be willing to accommodate you.” When she came back, she told me that “he’s not sure that any of his dishes would be good without the bread.” I told her that I would love to try the bread, as I’d heard good things about it, but I couldn’t eat gluten and, since nowhere else in town was open and we were all hungry, I hoped we could figure something out. Perhaps at this point she realized the impression she was creating, because she said she was just trying to keep me from paying for something I wouldn’t enjoy. I thanked her and walked out, nearly in tears because I was hungrier than I’d realized and pissed off by her attitude and sick of being the one who makes eating out difficult for everyone else.

I recovered and we went to Ithaca for lunch at Smart Monkey, who although they were out of the gluten-free bread I was so impressed with last time, were able to make me a burger without the bread as well as without the attitude. Conclusion? I’m never going back to the Artisan Cafe, that’s for sure. It’s a shame, because that kind of place– small local business with real food– is normally exactly where I’d like to be. Too bad about the attitude, hon.

In other news, I made a court appearance today for a speeding ticket and got it knocked down from 81 in a 65 (which it’s nearly impossible for me to have been doing) to 71 in a 65 (which is what I was doing anyway), swiping three points off my license and leaving me $180 in the hole. I’m more convinced than ever that Owego is the devil’s playground and that the road down there, moreover, is about like you’d expect the road to hell to be– not even paved with good intentions in several parts, I’m afraid. The grin from the construction worker didn’t really make up for the detours I was sent on.

And in more pleasant news, there are 11 adorable piglets in the sow barn! Their mothers, Marusia and Crimson, are doing fine. The boys (8 of them, I think) don’t seem to miss their parts, which were rudely removed Monday evening. Our friends in the city had an even cuter baby, though, this one quite human and absolutely beautiful. Welcome to the world, Eden! If you’re reading this, Vikou, send more pictures! Still on the baby front, Rosie’s silkies have 18 chicks and counting (one more was poking its way out of its shell earlier this afternoon and is probably tottering around by now), and she just arrived back from Tofino by way of Texas to revel in all their glory. After discovering them, she spent all afternoon in the woods, checking in on her trees and eating berries and things.

The ducks, which were to be processed yesterday morning, have received a reprieve (except for 8 of them). They were too much “in pin.” I only plucked one of them. It was the easiest one and wasn’t too bad. Their butts really are as big as they look when they’re waddling around with their feathers still on. They look like they have fuzzy white diapers on. Two broiler chickens (a white one and a red one) received reprieves on Sunday, too, and they were wandering around the farm causing trouble with the Australorps until they got crated today to send, along with two old layers and a Silkie rooster named Puff Daddy, to a woman who’s never had chickens before and will therefore pamper them to no end. Speaking of the Australorps, they laid 86 eggs today! Some of them are almost large! I’m pretty sure they’re laying more than the old Red Stars now.

More piglets are due in a few weeks, and the ducks will be herded down to the processing shed again, and the feeder pigs and beefers have various appointments with the butcher starting at the end of August, but in the meantime, the whole fandamily is leaving for NOFA this weekend, and I’m stuck with a farm to run while they’re gone. For a good time, come out to the farmers market Saturday to see if I can handle the booth on my own.

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Sorry to hear about your experience at Artisan Cafe, Bekah. I can hear your frustration and also feel your stomach begging for food in your words! OW!!!! Being recently dx’d with gluten intolerance myself, I have come to realize most people have no idea of the significance of this problem. When I asked my doctor what would happen to my body if I continued eating gluten, he said I would probably develop lymphoma! That is significant for me seeing my Dad has lymphoma right now! I wonder if you might be called to be the teacher vs. the consumer at the Artisan Cafe??? And only you can know the answer, Bekah.

I am also working off three points after a $161.00 speeding ticket, which I deserved out of my own ignorance, lack of paying attention. I am glad to hear you went to court and pled your case!

I pray the deliveries of the new farm babies goes well and is life-affirming for you and Matt. I thought of a book my son Charley gave me a few years ago by Mircea Eliade called The Sacred and The Profane when I read your descriptions of your rich and abundant life on the farm vs. on the way to and in the city! : )

Hugs to you and Matt, Bekah.

Comment by Teresa

hey, just wanted to shoot you a message from knit night at the Gate. We have hacked into someone’s wifi with my iPod touch. Miss you!

Comment by Julie

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