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December 3, 2008, 3:15 pm
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As of Sunday night, we’re back among the buildings again. Matt and I spent the last two or three weeks at the strawbale finishing some canning and drying projects (pickling the few sunchokes, making the last of the sauerkraut (red and white), making a lot of delicata marmalade, taking the dried corn off the cob and packing it away, cleaning the onions and bagging them, etc.) and packing.

A week ago, our friends Alvaro, Vikou, his wife Jodi and their baby Eden arrived from the city for Thanksgiving. We all went over to Donn and Maryrose’s for a dinner of 20-some people. They made a tur-duck, and the whole table spent the meal talking about the food, something I’ve always wanted for Thanksgiving. There were rave reviews of Matt’s butternut squash soup, but my Brussels sprouts fell flat, subject to a sub-par recipe. I should have gone with my usual tricks. The gluten-free apple cobbler I made was delicious, and a hit despite having something like 8 pies, Matt’s chai coconut sorbet and chocolate-covered candied ginger all spread on the desert counter. Our farm family brought a cranberry dish in addition to the basic cranberries Matt made, so although I think his was better, it didn’t get finished. We stayed late and played poker with the boys, and I rode back in the backseat of the farm car with Rosie, huddled under her cloak until the heat got going.

Friday, Matt and Alvaro and I rented a U-Haul and spent the day doing the last packing and loading up the big truck via the farm’s pickup, which was driven back and forth over the icy and snowy path with loads of boxes, down the icy driveway to the turnaround down the road where we had to park the rental truck because it couldn’t make the driveway. We narrowly avoided having to move out via sled and draft pony, much as I would have liked to get a picture of that. The path up there wasn’t quite icy or slushy enough for that.

We took a tourist day Saturday, with one last trip to the market to buy some Christmas gifts, stock up on cider and say goodbye to all the vendors, then a drive up between the lakes. We stopped by Bloomer Creek to say goodbye to Kim and buy three (yes, 3!) mixed cases of our favorites of their wines. Poor Vikou and Jodi stood there looking a little bored and uncomfortable, but Eden was the center of attention for a group of rather tipsy middle-aged ladies who came in with their husbands but had apparently had enough already and didn’t try any of Kim’s wines themselves. It was a gray-white-brown day, no color left on the trees, and our guests drifted in and out of sleep in the back of the minivan we rented so that we could ferry around all the adults as well as Eden in her car seat. We finally gave up and went back to Ithaca for a diner meal and a drive around Cornell during the last vestiges of our last Ithaca sunset, then returned the Vikous to their B&B, where we later spent the evening watching the news, holding the juicy baby, watching Jodi use Glenn & Edie’s (the owners’) kitchen to cook us up a delicious meal and eating and talking with them.

Sunday, we took the last load of stuff down in the truck, retrieved the Vikous and left, rather late, for the city. We had freezing rain all the way to Middletown, where we dropped off the Vikous and my car at the train station before continuing on, in yet more rain, poor visibility and other folks’ terrifying driving to the city. We came nowhere near unloading before the U-Haul center closed at 5pm, so after we carried things in through the dark and the last pathetic efforts of the foul weather, we parked the behemoth 14′ truck on 7th Ave. for the night and ordered in Mexican food from the corner.

The apartment is mired in the chaos of unpacking into shelves and cabinets already full, so much so that Alvaro has gone to live at a friend’s for a month to avoid our insanity. Progress is being made, and we’re already cooking our usual types of fare– yesterday night, I soaked in lemon juice, breaded (without gluten, of course) and sauteed some of the beef liver we brought down from the farm as part of my backpay and caramelized some onions, then pulled out some lacto-fermented dilly beans from the carefully wrapped packages of canned goods and fried up the leftover grits from breakfast– and have shopped at the Union Square Greenmarket not once but twice, but this afternoon we’re over at Martin’s for the second day running, to use his “internet cafe” rather than unpacking.

Tonight, I’m off to the annual meeting of the Queens County Farm Museum, where I’ll get in a little farmer time to remind me that NYC has more than buildings and crowds and noise. Being back in the city isn’t quite as nerve-wracking as I feared it would be anyway. I love the Greenmarket despite the crowds. You can’t find crosnes at the Ithaca market, as wonderful a market as it is. I got a little double-handful of them to pickle. Some things are ridiculously expensive (like the $16/lb. crosnes and the $1/oz. bacon), but others are cheaper, and there’s so much to choose from! We stopped by Grumpy for cappuccinos (I cheated and enjoyed it fully), which makes it a little hard to type and is my excuse for my long-windedness. It’s much warmer down here than upstate. It still feels and looks more like Autumn than Winter. Overall, it’s eminently bearable.

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This sounds like a great long week end, lots of work and tons of good food.

Comment by greengrassbluesky

welcome back bekah! sounds like you had a great conclusion to your upstate season, full of friends, foods, and brave feats of loading, driving, parking, and unloading uhauls.

Comment by anne

Dear Bekah welcome back!!!! Sure sounds like you’re going to be pretty busy unpacking 🙂 type up though 🙂

Comment by Zhanna

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