Completely Unrelated to Agriculture
December 10, 2008, 10:07 pm
Filed under: Rickshaw

But nevertheless very cool, I think.  Guess who took a friend’s advice and signed up to be a pedicab driver, aka rickshaw wallah, in Manhattan?  Crazy?  Yes.  But did I do it anyway?  Oh yes indeed.  Spent today riding around in the rain learning to change gears, know my edges, signal, avoid potholes, etc. and will spend tomorrow trying to figure out how to pick up fares so I can begin to make up for the up-front costs…  So if any of you in the city want to support my new (ahem) business by getting a lift, I think I’ll head to Central Park around 3pm tomorrow.  And I had to get a cell phone for the job, so email me and I’ll give you my brand new number (woohoo!).  Maybe I can give you a ride home from work, the scenic way.  Trust me, we will be the center of attention on just about any Manhattan street.  Pictures to come, hopefully!


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Welcome back to New York! Drive safely….

Comment by Ilene

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