January 16, 2009, 5:22 pm
Filed under: Fermentation, Food, NYC

I may have mentioned previously on this blog Matt and my obsession with all forms of fermentation this summer (and, to a lesser extent, previously).  I may have posted a picture of an insane amount of lacto-fermented food, with a glimpse of some of the home-fermented beverages Matt had been tinkering with.  I may have posed some of my finished knitting projects with beet kvass.  In other words, we’ve been doing a lot of fermenting, and we thought we were pretty well into a fermented trajectory that could only bring us, well, to being completely fermented, generally speaking.

But, lo, the universe had more in store.  Last Sunday, Matt and I both went to see Sandor Ellix Katz, author of Wild Fermentation, a book we have used a great deal, speak at Green Spaces in Brooklyn, at an event sponsored by Just Food.  It was a great event, very inspiring, but he didn’t go into great detail, as it was pretty introductory and not really a workshop as much as a “talk.”  I remembered, however, that he was teaching a four-day class at Natural Gourmet, a block and a half from our apartment, and after some dithering over the price, which especially for someone funemployed who doesn’t make any money to speak of even when she is employed, is substantial, we decided it was an investment in our future, and I signed up at the very last minute.

The class started Monday, and tonight is the final night.  If I were to try to describe all that I’ve learned here, I would have to go on for paragraph after paragraph, so I’m just going to send you to a pictorial essay of sorts here.  I’ll update the set after tonight’s class, during which I may get to show off our beet kvass, wild-fermented cider (from Sandor’s book) and t’ej (also from Sandor’s book)!  I hear we’ll get to make more kimchi, taste some vegetable ferments that were started Monday, make some fresh beet kvass, make a yogurt cheese called labneh and make soup with pickled brine.  I’ve also been promised that I’ll be able to bring home a disgustingly healthy-looking kombucha mother that I’ve been told works beautifully in green tea (so maybe I can try it in white tea, too?) and some viili (a Finnish ropy milk whose name I’m still not exactly sure how to spell) to propagate in milk at home.  Woohoo!  Check the Flickr set tomorrow for more!


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