Ginger Water Kefir, Part 2
March 8, 2009, 12:58 am
Filed under: Fermentation, Food

About 48 hours later, the ginger water kefir that I set up on Wednesday was nice and tart (although still thin-tasting, a general complaint I have about water kefir), so I bottled it Friday.

Due to inadequate closure of the little baggies of water kefir grains, some of the grains had gotten loose and were floating among the pieces of grated ginger (a hazard of putting the ginger loose in the sugar-water rather than laboriously juicing it).

Other than that, the process went pretty well, I felt, so I set up another batch, but first I cleaned off those loose grains, then emptied out the bags of grains and cleaned those and separated them out in smaller amounts into more bags because they were looking a little crowded…

Here's a look at all the things I had going in the kitchen Friday (that being the cooler of the two "fermentation stations"):

Now the kefir (back right) is strained and in the fridge, as are the two jars of experimental piima cream (wherein I try to culture cream with viili) in the front.

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