May 5, 2009, 12:31 am
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It’s been a while, but we’ve been busy moving!  And since we leave for Finland tomorrow, I thought I’d better try and get in a last post Stateside.

Thanks so much to all of you who made it out to our last-minute, midweek, late-night, 3rd annual goodbye party week before last.  It was great seeing you all and witnessing the unexpected combinations of folks.  I hope some of them were fruitful.  And yes, I may have posted revealing pictures of some of you on Flickr.

The last few days in NYC were rather hectic, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to see more of you before we left.  I’ll miss you all.

The drive from the city to Madison took 21 hours (rather than the 15 Google crossed-its-heart-and-hoped-to-die swore), but Basil took it rather well, I’d say:

Basil Trucking

Basil Trucking

Don’t ask how Matt got that shot while driving.  I’d rather not know myself.  We arrived, exhausted but relieved, last Sunday night, and Basil shamed us all by zipping about Matt’s parents’ house in a fit of energy and completely taking over:

Settling In

Settling In

We spent the last week unpacking very slowly, but mostly trying to get a couple of little gardens going.  The flat we rented is nicer than we remembered, and we’re pretty charmed by it, especially the backyard, sunroom and basement (including a pantry room and even a root cellar with exposed earth).  We’ve sullied it with piles of boxes and junk that we won’t sort out until we get back, but nevertheless, it’s lovely.

Having done very little about unpacking, we’re now packed up again (on a much, much smaller scale) for Finland.  We leave late morning tomorrow with charged cameras and mp3 players, a backpack full of books, four jars of maple syrup and a gift box of baby socks.  Perhaps some clothes.  We’ll arrive almost a full day later in Helsinki.  My biggest concerns?  I haven’t booked transportation and hotels for a weekend trip to one of the archipelagos (haven’t even decided which one yet), and I’m almost finished with the only knitting project I have packed…

Teeny Tiny Bootie

Teeny Tiny Bootie

I guess I’ll just have to pay attention to Finland.

Wish us luck!


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Good luck – I look forward to hearing about your next adventure!

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