Fermentation-Station Back in Operation
July 4, 2012, 2:12 pm
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I’m pleased to announce that the long-neglected domestic fermentation-station is back in operation, this time primarily located in the bad-ass pantry adjacent to the kitchen:


I asked my dad to bring back a new container of viili from Finland when he was there last month, but he didn’t think he could get home or to me safely, so I ordered a culture from Gem Cultures. We had a bit of shipping address confusion that led the culture to sit in a hot post office warehouse for almost a week, but wonder of wonders, it still made viili when it arrived and I immediately dumped it into a quart of milk. I’m breaking the rules by doing it with raw milk again, so I’m making sure to maintain multiple cultures as back-up in case one gets contaminated by competing bacteria.

The viili I started yesterday (and another I started today) is being cultured by piima cream. After I dumped the culture I ordered right into milk, after it had “set up,” I used some of it to culture a couple containers of pasteurized heavy cream, to nourish the culture. This stuff is deeee-licious. It does seem to be a hardier culture than the versions I’ve made just from milk, so I’m using it instead of the milk culture for a couple of ferments to get things healthy.

I’m also making dosai dough for idli and perhaps an experimental batch of uttapam if there’s enough leftover. I haven’t done this in a few years and I’m excited to eat idli again. I still have the steamer trays, luckily. What kind of curry and chutney should I make to eat with these?

I’m also starting a wild non-gluten sourdough with about 2:1 teff to sorghum flour, to see if I can establish something viable for regular flatbread production. I’m also going to buy some more whole buckwheat today and start a buckwheat culture for sourdough pancakes. Thanks to a nutrition course I started last month that is the inspiration for the renewed fermentation vigor, I discovered Stephan Guyenet’s Whole Health Source blog. He has a recipe for sourdough buckwheat crêpes (really more like thick pancakes or fried unleavened flatbreads) that I’m looking forward to trying.

I’m also going to boil and soak some of my Black Aztec corn in cal later today:


On the right is my daily viili smoothie with, in this case, raspberries from the backyard. Slightly bubbly (from the immersion blending?) and seedily delicious.

More soon, I hope!


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