Some Successes, Some Not-So-Much
July 19, 2012, 9:12 pm
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I soaked some homegrown “Black Aztec” and “Roy’s Calais” corn in lime/cal, laboriously picked off all the pedicels, and made a variation on posole, with smoked pork jowl, white soup beans, several kinds of chiles, and a couple of tomatoes. It was delicious.


Since then, I’ve continued making viili every day or two, in small batches.

I wanted to make some vegetable ferments, too. I started with brined sour pickles, using Sandor Katz’s recipe:

I started these two days ago and ate the first one today because I just couldn’t wait. It was still really nice and crispy-crunchy, but a little too salty because the fermentation isn’t really done yet. But I think that jar might be done tomorrow. It seems to be going a lot faster than the other two jars for some reason, and really fizzing up a storm.

I also got a cabbage, daikon, carrots, ginger, and scallions; and I have garlic, some chiles, and a burdock root. I want to split the cabbage in two and turn one half into plain sauerkraut and the other into mixed vegetable kimchi. I keep meaning to do this. Maybe tonight!

In other lovely ferment-y news, today I bartered a bit of viili starter for some kefir grains and a kombucha mother. I put the kefir grains in some milk as soon as I got home, because they’ve been hibernating for a while, and I think they’ll need to go through a few batches of milk before they taste good.


I’ll start the kombucha one of these nights, too! Off to think about chopping some veggies for kimchi…


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