Kraut, vinegar, and kefir, oh my
September 12, 2012, 11:23 pm
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Lest you surmise from my woeful posting habits that the fermentation station is no longer in operation, rest assured, the bubbling, fizzing, and souring continues. I made a crock of kraut on Saturday from a couple cabbages from our community garden plot, started souring some vinegar from the remains of a bottle of red wine, and of course have the weekly kefir and viili going as usual.

I recently found out about a monthly community exchange of consumable goods and joined up. I can’t decide whether to contribute 14 shares of kraut or 14 portions of some preparation of the ridiculous quantity of collard greens currently exploding at the garden. What should I go for? The fermented delicacy or the slow-cooked autumnal greens?

For more on my fermentation station, including the missing parts of the conversation between “Progress in the Pantry” and “June Garden News,” please visit my F(ermentation)Log.


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I you want to ship some o those collards east, I’d love to grab some!

Comment by otherdeb

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