Winter Station
November 14, 2012, 1:02 am
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Well, in mid-November the pantry gets too cold for most ferments to go at any decent rate, as it turns out, so the fermentation station has been moved around the corner into the kitchen proper. Its true location is on top of the fridge, but it’s all more photogenic down on the table:


New developments are: the ginger bug on the left, which has already been made into one batch of ginger beer that’s carbonated and been transferred to the fridge tonight; the tibicos grains that are currently trying very hard to turn sugar water into water kefir (two days in there and it’s still sugar water); and the beet kvass/rassol, which I haven’t made in a while.

Also, the three bail-top bottles in the back are not the first batch of lemongrass ginger reishi kombucha but the second. Unfortunately, I forgot to steep the lemongrass with the black tea this time… So I made a lemongrass simple syrup and added it to the bottles for their secondary fermentation. We’ll see if it works. The first batch, especially the one bottle of it that was in a small bail-top like these and not in a bigger bottle, was ridiculously delicious and perfectly bubbly.


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